Thug \ˈthəg\
1.    Reminisce on the carefree days, barefoot on pavement
water blazing fire raging. Joyous destitute.
Pack the plastic full of paper, slide it across concrete
land on a box.
Experience yields infraction, underprivileged
and unemployed. Baggy jeans, hoodie, fitted cap,
booked for misdemeanor, plea taker, twenty year
parole violator.

2.    a: a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber,
or murderer.
b: Passionately determined, prepared to defeat
all pessimists . Creator of wrong. Rightly justifying guidelines,
law abiding citizen. Explorer. Wanderer of sea;
on a happy journey. Dirt discoverer. Mineral regulator;
diamonds, gold, oil, money. Controller of several lands.
(Columbus was a thug.)