As one of the most memorable directors of the underground railroad, Harriet Tubman carried a pistol by her side for protection while leading slaves to freedom from the south.  It’s documented the reason Tubman carried the gun was to protect herself against slave catchers and also as insurance for weak spirited fugitives that could possibly risk the entire operation.


I know… I know. Some of yall are thinking why would she need a pistol as insurance against the same people she’s trying to rescue. The idea of Ms. Tubman possibly shooting one of her fellow brothers or sisters due to a little apprehension seems a bit unfathomable, but necessary for black liberation.  You see, Harriet had her mind fixed on freedom for herself and the people she loved.  She understood that in order to get to freedom she may have to get rid of a few problematic people along the way.  In honor of our great ancestor Harriet Tubman, I have construed a list of people that are problematic towards the black revolution.

The Slavecatchers

Now don’t be screwing your face up at me because I mentioned slavecatchers. I know it’s 2017 and black folk not on the plantation anymore, but slavecatchers sill exist.  You may refer to them now as your local police, sheriff, or state highway officers. You and I both know the officer’s primary job now is “supposedly” to protect and serve the people. Organize a rally centered around the liberation of blacks in America and see how quickly your fellow officer resorts to the original nature of their jobs. They will quickly go from protecting citizens to suiting up in army gear and collecting modern slaves.

The House Negro

Given the fact that black people are no longer on the plantation some think the house negro has died. Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, it seems as if the house negro has become smarter and more strategic in their approach with the field negro.

The house negro is so comfortable in his position eating off master’s plate that he refuses to allow his brother’s oppression to ruin the good things going for him.  In fact, modern day house negros are rolling in big-bank these days. Some of them are your favorite celebrities, refusing to acknowledge the injustice going on against their bredren.  House negros can be easily identified, you can catch them on daytime television denouncing their blackness, in an effort to win over their white counterparts.

*See Raven Symone, Stacy Dash, and Sherriff David A Clark for examples of house negros.

The Preacher

How can you not love their little hearts?! Come on admit it, they are clever and some of the hoods best orators.   It’s amazing how they can always recite the exact words needed to help you through roadblocks. Not even your super supportive Auntie Nessa could provide you with advice good enough to make you dedicate a portion of your paycheck to her each week.

Beware of these angels in disguise known as preachers.  Anytime a pastor is riding around in private jets while members of his congregation are living in poverty it raises an eyebrow. Nowadays church’s seem more like paid entry concerts, just pick your favorite noble family with the best choir and production team and declare that your permanent place of worship.  Good or bad, all preachers have a few things in common, hope dealing, asserting Jesus’s wrath, and faithfully collecting Jesus’s money for the church. At some point, we must stop and ask these pastors exactly how the money collected each week is helping to revitalize our community.  It’s not a bad thing to re-evaluate who you are allowing to lead you and your life.

Besides, you deserve a leader who will not publicly forgive your killer right away. Go find you a leader that will stand up for you even when it isn’t the popular thing to do. I mean you are only financing his/ her dream, you deserve that plus more.

*See Creflo Dollar, Bishop T.D. Jakes, and your local preacher for examples.

The Negative

We all know someone who always feels the need to provide a negative outlook.  You know, the kind that if you tell them black people are waking up and unifying, they’ll give you ninety-nine reasons that statement is false.  It’s no fault of their own, the negative black has been brainwashed for so long that they have adopted the negative outlook placed on them by society.

When negative Nancy comes with her notions of why she feels like black people will never get their act together, quickly shut her down. Tell her the only reason she feels that way about black people is because deep down she feels that way about herself.  But don’t beat her up too bad there’s always hope in turning negative Nancy’s into positive teachers by presenting another way of thinking for her. Help the negative thinker to unlearn the information they have been taught, in order to make room for positive reinforcement.  Be mindful of the amount of energy you put into trying to influence a negative thinker, you can give them all the information you want but in the end, they have to be willing and open to receiving new perspectives.

The Crossover

Not to be mistaken for the house negro, the crossover is a separate group. It’s common for the crossover to possess house negro tendencies, which is probably why they crossed over in the first place.  The crossover has to be watched closely, in fact, they may need to be expelled from the black club altogether.

“Why?” you asked.

The crossover will inflict a huge risk on the black community by sleeping with the enemy. History’s shown us many times how black liberation movements are infiltrated by caucasian’s using token black folk as their accomplice.  More dangerous than the house negro, the crossover can disable an entire operation with pillow talk.


When it comes to protecting the black race we need to get like Aunt Harriet. We must be willing to help all our brothers and sisters towards a better life, while not being hesitant to rid ourselves our individuals jeopardizing our hard wok.