Fist fights and hog spit

don’t mind me I’m just trying to reminisce

a love like no other or toxic bliss.

The feel of angelic lust, like birds chirping

during Sunday’s dusk.

Nothing could touch the high he gave

like diving head first off my greatest accolade.


So many days spent wrapped in his arms

conversating over Brandy.

I was sitting on top of the world, and all the other chicks

couldn’t stand me.

Seemed like the joyous state would never end,

but the pain and hurt soon began.

They say never say never,  and I never knew

that he would be an angel in disguise that

I had to loose.


This fool knew all the perfect things to say to keep

me at bay

I was a fool lost, blinded by love

holding on to good memories,

hoping the bad would go away.

Screaming the boy is mine but the

same applied for Pam, Toya, Keisha, and Shay.


Have you ever known what it feels like having to fight to prove your love?

Feeling so disrespected all you can do is spit in the person’s face?

To feel the need to lay hands on your man and his woman because their not respecting your perfect union?

To fight a battle you need to win, but it feels like your losing?

Truthfully I gave it all I had, I gave up everything for the sake of love

and family.

But love wouldn’t stop him from cheating, it didn’t end the arguing

and couldn’t combat the beatings.

I stayed anyway.

thinking he held the key to my happiness.

It’s a shame I had to learn the hard way.


Two fist blows to the head, I think he

mad about what I said.

You ain’t shit, I fuckin hate you and

wish you were dead!

You wanna choke me cause I spent a

little bit of your bread.

Does that amount to that fucking baby

you had?

Nah save you words, I don’t want to hear

that shit

I’m tired of you not being a man

just admit to all at the shit you did.


You know what! Never mind,

I don’t need your apology

I found someone greater to yearn,

a lover that can make me moan

and not feel alone.

5’3 a little thick her brown skin

will make you smile

She’s a masterpiece that bore my first child.

Her name is Shanelle and I know she’ll never

let me down.


Truthfully I don’t know why I wasted so

many years

wishing you would change after seeing

me cry so many tears.

But I’ve learned that I control my destiny

my happiness is not yours

Put that on everything, love would not

get me like that anymore.

I know my worth and I’m the one

that I adore!